All shoe trees can be made with a hinge, push pull pivot or three-piece construction with wax and polish, and can be hollowed in various styles, finished with a variety of dyes or varnishes, and can incorporate a broad selection of hardware or wooden handle shapes. The most popular styles are customarily made with a sunken hinge or three-piece construction and are waxed and polished.

Riding boot, cowboy boot, and ankle boot trees are also available.

Options for wood selection include: 

 Light in weight and in colour

  • Jelutong or Obeche (very lightweight)
  • Tulip (still lightweight although stronger)
  • Cedar (often used unfinished and thought to keep freshness)
  • Beech (medium lightweight wood)

Heavier in weight and darker in colour (for those who prefer a strong wood and antique appearance)

  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Wenge

Other wood varieties and custom stain finishes are available.

Options for tree hardware and handles include:

  • Name plates in brass, or silver or gold plate 
  • Brass, silver or gold plate rings
  • Knobs also available in brass, wood, or silver or gold plate
  • Diamond, star, or pendant shaped wooden handles or another design of your choice

Typically 4-6 weeks turnaround.

All products involve a substantial amount of hand work. Therefore, delivery times are subject to change.

Prices from £185.

All prices plus postage costs.